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Meet the Celhaus Family

Bunny (Celhaus Hallel) 

to Bunny’s page

Bunny is an Ashi daughter, a Glory granddaughter, half-sister to Joyful, and aunt to Berakah.  Bunny turned 12 on August 1, 2013!!  

Look for her birthday and agility competition photos and my favorite photos of her through the years!


 Chaos (Jagerstadt Chaos von Celhaus)  to Chaos’ page

Chaos is Berakah’s sire and also sire of the Z litter from Zinna, AA & EE litters from Quinta, the BB & DD litters from Joyful and the FF Litter & GG Litter from Lively.

 Look at photos of him training & competing in agility!    See my favorite photos of Chaos.

 Chaos turned 7 on March 23, 2013.


  Berakah (Celhaus Berakah)  to Berakah’s page

Berakah is a Chaos/Joyful daughter, Ashi granddaughter, Glory great-granddaughter.

Look for photos of her training & competing in agility!    See my favorite photos of Berakah.

She is a Therapy Dog – see her visiting the nursing homes at 5 weeks of age.

Berakah turned 5 on November 28, 2013.


 Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life)  to Lively’s page

Lively is a Quinta daughter, Jubilee granddaughter, Glory great-granddaughter and mother of the FF Litter.

 See photos of her training in agility!  See her children.   See my favorite photos of Lively.

 She is a Therapy Dog – see her visiting the nursing homes at 5 weeks of age.

Lively turned 4 on November 3, 2013.

Tikvah (Tikvah vom Geistwasser)  to Tikvah’s page 

See my favorite photos of Tikvah.

Tikvah is a daughter of Irmus Galan Nalag SchH3 and Kenna vom Salztalblick SchH1.

Tikvah turned one year on February 25, 2013.  Shown here at 20 months.


Glory Too (Celhaus Gift of Glory) 

to Glory Too’s page

 Whelped June 7, 2013   Shown at 6 months.


Gone but not forgotten:

Quinta (Celhaus Quintessence)  to Quinta’s page

Quinta is a Jubilee daughter, Glory granddaughter, Lively’s mother, and the grandmother of the FF Litter.

Look for photos of her enjoying her grandchildren and competing in agility!

See her children.


Jubilee (Celhaus Jubilee)  to Jubilee’s page

a Glory daughter, Quinta’s mother, Lively’s grandmother, and great-grandmother of the FF Litter. 
See her fourteenth birthday photos, my favorite photos of her and photos of her enjoying her great-grandchildrenSee her children.  

Joyful (Celhaus Ode to Joy)  to Joyful’s page

mother of Berakah and an Ashi/Caz daughter.

See her training and competing in agility.  See my favorite photos of her.  See her pups.

 Ashi (Celhaus Ashi Armaiti)     to Ashi’s page

mother of Bunny and Joyful, and a Glory daughter.

See her pups and grandpups.


Glory (Roche Jaune’s Triump of Celhaus)  to Glory’s page

mother of Ashi & Jubilee, grandmother of Bunny, Joyful and Quinta, great-grandmother of Berakah & Lively.  See my favorite photos of her.  See her pups.


Caz (Cazius vom Haus Valkenplatz)  to Caz’s page

Caz is Joyful’s sire and Berakah’s grandsire.  He sired pups from Ashi, Jubilee, Zinna, Quinta, Dani (Bunny’s litter sister) and Rogue (Quinta’s older full sister).  He lived to13.



Zinna (Zinna vom Twin Falls)
Zinna died in January 2014 at the age of 12

Mother of the L, R, U, Y and Z litters.  See her pups.



Celhaus German Shepherds

4817 Big Horn Ave
Sheridan, WY  82801
307-674-4800 evenings

German Shepherds

Temperament: Deep, sound temperament, stable nerves, gentle, eager to learn and work, able to protect  if needed and confident enough to know when and when not to move into defense, good with children and other animals, calm & easy-going when nothing going on.

Conformation: Soundness, balance, correctness of structure, alertness, the "Look of Eagles". German (not American) breeding gives soundness and correct structure and size, with none of the extremes of the American lines.

Health: Vigor, longevity, "easy keepers". Both my females and the males they're bred to are OFA certified for hips, elbows, thyroid and hearts. Eyes are CERF certified. Von Willebrand's & hemophilia free.

Trainability: My dogs are trained in obedience, tracking and agility. They are registered Therapy Dogs (Therapy Dogs Incorporated) and make regular visits to nursing homes. I  

Personality: Very outgoing, curious, with a sense of humor, full of the joy of life, active, ambitious.  All buyer homes inspected before pups are allowed to leave here.  I want them to be with you all their lives, and for you to know the joy of being owned by a good GERMAN SHEPHERD.  There's nothing like it!